about DEFINE foods

we believe that food is healing

At DEFINE foods, our mission is to educate on the importance of whole foods health. We offer engaging instruction, nutritional insight, cooking demonstration and whole foods products with a focus on delicious, sustainable, local and seasonal nourishment.

Erin Stewart created the DEFINE foods program with the mission to support others in living to their absolute best. As a professional dancer and chef with chronic food sensitivities, Erin’s personal experience taught her the correlation between food and function and how to eat with purpose and mindfulness at a young age. The ultimate goal of DEFINE foods is to provide better-tasting foods and recipes that are innovative and nutrient-rich, with the intent of redefining standards of healthy eating. 

Dedicated to continually studying the effects that food have on both the body and the mind, Erin focuses on using natural, seasonal ingredients aimed towards healing in order to promote a balanced and grounded lifestyle. 

No fads, no diets; just pure nourishment from seasonal, whole foods as close to their origin as possible. We’re dispelling the myth that you have to deprive yourself to be at your best weight or perform to your highest caliber. DEFINE foods provides the tools you need, along with our genuine passion, to help discover your unique fueling requirements. By becoming more in tune with your body and your eating habits, you’ll learn how to properly fuel with purpose.

Whether it’s energy-enhancing, stress regulating, hormone balancing or disease fighting nourishment you’re craving, you can reset and heal all while eating delicious food.

our founders

Henry Richardson


Richardson’s mission for DEFINE is to build a sustainable health and wellness community across the franchise, using a holistic lifestyle approach so members can reach their physical and inner strength goals, as defined by them. A native Houstonian, Henry conceived DEFINE’s contemporary, integrated body-mind concept through personal pain management and post-graduate study. Deeply committed to individuals living their absolute best life, Henry focuses on developing new programs, products and relationships to continue to lead the industry and break further ground in the mind, body and spirit wellness market.

Erin O’Leary Stewart


Erin’s background in the movement arts, kinesiology and dance profession with extensive teaching experience in Pilates, barre, dance and fitness classes coupled with a culinary degree from the Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts, perfectly aligns with her role in and contribution to the success of DEFINE. Erin joined DEFINE in 2011 as co-owner, playing a vital role in expanding the brand with its third location, developing new class programs and products, as well as creating DEFINE foods; a program dedicated to educating on the importance of whole foods health. In 2013, Erin transitioned to work on the implementation of the franchise program, with the ultimate goal of bringing DEFINE to every viable community.


our foundation, DEFINEd.

Eat whole, alkaline-forming foods, as close to their origin as possible. Nothing processed, manufactured or chemically created.


One person’s fuel may be another person’s poison. Everyone nourishes their body differently; there is not one diet that works for all.


The key is quality sourcing and ingredients. Calorie does not equal calorie.


Food is fuel to heal your body so you can live your life in optimal health.

Focus on mindful eating, listening to your body and discovering what your needs are: daily, monthly, seasonally and through each phase of your life.

Eat to balance energies; an Ayurvedic approach to complete health and wellness.

Know where your food grows. Get to know and support your local farmers.


DEFINE is built on a four distinct pillars that inform every decision we make:


We believe wellbeing results from balancing the body and mind, and that each individual has their own definition of what that means for them. We’re the space for them to understand and DEFINE it.


It’s more than the movement; it’s the space you move in. Every element of your experience—sights, sounds, smells—is designed to enhance your energy and inspire you to achieve results.


A sense of belonging and connection to something bigger than us all—a movement or a collective mindset—unlocks another level of commitment and dedication. 

giving back

Giving back or paying it forward; the ripple effect of acts of generosity extend far and wide. Contributing to the communities we’re in fosters a full circle of wellbeing and creates connections beyond our studio doors.

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