we believe that food is healing

At DEFINE foods, our mission is to educate on the importance of whole foods health. We offer engaging instruction, nutritional insight, cooking demonstration and whole foods products with a focus on delicious, sustainable, local and seasonal nourishment. We are looking to further develop our prepared meals program and we need YOU!

DEFINE foods is looking for part-time chefs. Two days/ week in the kitchen prepping our plant-based meal programs. Looking for someone:

  • Passionate about health and wellness
  • Smart, ambitious and organized
  • Comfortable around plant-base cooking
  • Can easily follow recipes
  • Enjoys a fast paced environment
  • Team player
  • Self-motivated
  • Skilled in presentation / plating
  • Flexible with menu changes and updates
  • Social Media presence or experience
  • Requirements: Culinary Arts degree, diploma or Associates in Applied Culinary Science with a Food Managers License

If interested, please email for further information: foods@definebody.com.

Thank you!

The DEFINE foods Team

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